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    Biblical Counselling

    Change begins in the heart, not in your behaviour.

    At Renewed In Truth Discipleship, we do not believe in simply modifying behaviours and managing symptoms in order to make you better. We believe in a better solution. We believe in a biblical solution.

    Ephesians 4:22-24 presents us with a model for change. We do not simply lay aside old behaviours, but we also renew our minds in the truth, and then put on new behaviours that align with our heart change.

    If your heart is the source of your behaviours and thoughts, why not start there?

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    Bible Study

    Learn to study the Bible thoroughly and accurately with our resources and how-to articles.

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    Biblical Counselling

    Discover more about various heart issues and how to attack them biblically.

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    Book Reviews

    Discern what makes a book biblical or false and find new resources for your home library.

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